Away for the Weekend

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be away for the weekend, and so will not be posting until early next week.

This is an annual reunion with some former Army buddies of mine.

I’m taking the bus, which will give me plenty of time to put together some notes for future articles, and perhaps a book review or two.

I’m planning a couple of posts about my compost strategies, including vermicomposting, Actively Aerated Compost Tea, leaf mould, biochar, etc. and also explaining a bit about soil microbes. Their functions, and ways to use that knowledge to improve plant health and vitality. So this should give me time and space to organise my thoughts.

have a good weekend yourselves


2 thoughts on “Away for the Weekend

  1. Magnus Wolfe Murray

    Look forward to your summary of research into soil microbe life, biochar and compost tea, etc. I have initiated many of these activities to learn about it all, probably the most important field of research and practice at this point in our history.


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