Honey Bees For Sale In Lincolnshire 2012

All of my bee colonies have overwintered successfully, so once again I will be selling my surplus honey bee colonies this year.

The colonies are naturally occurring swarms from my own colonies, that I will have housed on clean foundation, fed, and brought on until they are ready to be sold.

The advantages of this system are that you get the hygiene, vigour, and correct composition of a natural swarm, but with the advantage of traceability. Knowing where they have come from, and their disease status. Something that is missing with a swarm from an unknown colony.

I think that this is a good way of producing bee colonies. It’s much more natural, less intrusive, and works well for me.

To find out more about my bees, and how I manage them, take a look around the blog, and judge for yourself.

If you are interested in buying honey bees this year, give me a ring on 01507 588543.

Wishing you well


2 thoughts on “Honey Bees For Sale In Lincolnshire 2012

  1. Stuart Osborn

    Hi just interested in how much it is for a 5 mic of honey bees are we lost ours last your and want to get the hive up and running again cheers stu

    1. Deano Post author

      Hi Stu
      All of my colonies are booked so far, and I’m not sure if I’ll have any surplus. If so, I charge £150, which includes me bringing them and installing them, within a sensible radius.
      Good Luck


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