Busy, Busy, Busy…..Again

It’s that time of year again, where everything needs doing now, and I find out all of the things that I didn’t get done over the Winter. Having not posted for about three weeks, there is also a log jam of things to write about, but rather than try and catch up with everthing in one post, I’ll explain why I’ve not been keeping up with the blog bits here, and then try and put the other stuff into shorter posts, by category.

Normally I do the posting on the blog in the evenings, preferring to work outside through until dusk. However, dusk is now at nearly nine, and I still have to eat. I’ve also been working out in my wooden stable after dark. This was originally the space where we whelped the greyhounds, and has been used as potting area/compost tea brewing/wormery/storage space. Quite frankly, it, and all of my other outbuildings are a mess. There never seems to be the time to put stuff away, and there is always too much stuff for the available space. In my previous existence, I was very organised at work, but that hasn’t carried over to what I do now. The mess makes working more difficult, reducing my efficiency, and therefore giving me less time, and so it goes on. I also have lots of timber, most of it previously used for other jobs, but now taking up space and getting in my way.

The trigger for the work was actually beekeeping, and beehives. I had lots of bee stuff to do, but my equipment, and my spare hives, were spread across three different outbuildings, with no logical system. Same for my pots, scything equipment, tools etc. So now my evenings are being spent using the timber, to fit out the wooden stables to use as a dedicated potting area (no change there, other than neatness), bee workshop and store, wormery, and compost tea brewing area. With all of the bits that I need for each of these, in one place, along with a sink, drinking water, and a radio. If there isn’t quite enough room, the scythes, and peening equipment will move to another building.

This picture shows how it looks at the moment. Most of the mess is bubble wrap, which I use for making cloches. Once I’ve got shelves up, and taken out the tools that I’m using to do the work, this end should be pretty clear.

plant propagation area

propagation area

The other end is for beekeeping. The empty space in the right corner will have racking for storage of my hives, and other large bits of beekeeping equipment.

beekeeping workshop

beekeeping workshop and store

The sink, wormery, and compost tea brewing areas, are in the middle, with a small space for my scything equipment.

Whilst the work that I’m doing now will make my future work easier, it’s hindering me now. I’m a bit behind my seed sowing, and there is no way to get to all of the bits that I need, until the work is finished.

Looks like I’ll be back out there tomorrow.

Take care


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy…..Again

  1. Heather Temple-Marsh

    Hi Deano, Heather here (aka not the Doctor’s wife). Saw your article in the Village Voice and so had a look at your brilliant blog and some of your older posts too. I knew you were busy, but not THAT busy. All very interesting, and I’ll tell Edward (aka The Dr.) to read your bee keeping threads.I wondered if you might be interested in joining streetlife.com – I put a flier in with all the Village Voices, and I see it as a potentially great way for us villagers to share info, advice and things in general eg seedlings and plants, or anything at all really. Could even be swaps for items. I expect you’re probably too busy, but I am really struggling to get folks to join, so far there are only 9 of us! It will only start being useful when most of the village sign up, but we have to start somewhere. In the spirit of sustainability, let’s get sharing and swapping? Hope you can squeeze this in.

    1. Deano Post author

      Hi Heather
      Thanks for the comments. How did Edward’s Queen introductions go?
      I’ve found that I never have enough time to commit to online stuff. It’s hard enough keeping up with the blog.
      See you around.



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