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Food produced in a system designed to resemble a forest.

Forest Garden Update July 2012

I wanted to get some current pictures of the Forest garden posted, with a short account of where I’ve got to so far, and what’s next. For those who haven’t visited the blog before, it might be worth¬† you checking out the Forest Garden paragraph of the Pictures, Designs, and Plans page, before continuing.

The first picture is a view from the top (North East) corner of the Forest Garden, which is about an acre in size.

Forest Garden Overview

View from the top

The pink bands that you can see running across the picture are the swale banks, which are covered in Musk Mallow. This is a wonderful plant, perennial, edible leaves and flowers, great bee forage, deep rooted, and able to compete with grass. I planted most of these as self seeded plants from the vegetable garden,and they have started to self seed, and expand. The pictures below show a bit more detail.

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Burying Wood at the Sustainable Smallholding

Those of you reading this who know me are probably thinking that I’ve finally lost the plot, but actually, all is not what it seems. This is all part of my Forest Garden preparation, which I wrote about in an earlier post. If you want to read the post, click on the link below.


In the post I mentioned that I was going to dig two more swales, and this post is related to that.

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My New Forest Garden (Site Preparation and Establishment)

For the second post in this sequence, I wanted to write about how I’m planning to prepare the site of my new Forest Garden, and then establish the trees after planting. There is some really good advice available, particularly Martin Crawford’s book, Creating a Forest Garden, and Edible Forest Gardens (vol. 2), by Jacke and Toensmeier. However, as I’m planning to do something completely different, I thought that it might be interesting to write about it.

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My New Forest Garden (Part One)

It’s been a busy fortnight here at the Sustainable Smallholding, but really enjoyable. In addition to my routine chores, I’ve been getting ready to start the planting of my Forest garden/Food Forest. I’ve got lots to write, and lots of pictures of what I’ve done so far, but a quick warning first. This isn’t a “how to” article, more of a “how I’m doing it” article. As I’m planning to do it in my own way, and not exactly the way that some of the books suggest, it may not be in your best interests to copy my ideas, until we see whether they work as well as I hope that they do.

(I started this yesterday, and my copy of Edible Forest Gardens Vol. 2¬† arrived this morning, so I’m being very disciplined continuing the post, as opposed to being sucked straight into reading it)

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