Friendly Chickens

Old English Game Chickens

Old English Game Hen perched on my shoulder

I’ve been meaning to write a post on Choosing Chickens, but have been busy clearing snow so that my hens can get to fresh grass each day. Every day one of my hens has flown up and perched on my shoulder. That’s not unusual. The hens have grown used to finding food where I’m working, and frequently follow me around. I’m not sure whether it is always the same hen that perches like this, as many of the chickens look similar. I don’t prompt her, and often it comes as a bit of a surprise to me, when I hear wings flap, and feel the weight on my shoulder. We reared these hens by hand, and they are used to getting food from me. I guess that I’m ‘mum’ in many ways. There are pictures of these chickens being reared in the Old English Game Chickens gallery.

The picture below shows how much snow has fallen.

Chickens and Snow

Chickens and Snow

The wooden structure behind me is my Deep Litter Chicken House, which I will post about soon. perhaps I’ll try my first video for the blog.

Take Care



2 thoughts on “Friendly Chickens

  1. Alex

    Such a good photo! My chickens are hating the snow, they don’t seem to want to walk on it at all, perhaps I’ll offer them a shoulder carry!

    1. Deano Martin Post author

      Hi Alex
      Some of my chickens will wade through it, especially the Old English Game. We have some legbar cross chickens that are adventurous, as well as some goldtops, and a single Rhode Island X Light Sussex. The Silkies just stay inside.
      We tray and clear a fresh patch of grass each day to give them somewhere to wander, and some fresh greens.


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