Chickens: Old English Game


Old English Game Chickens

This is a Gallery page to show off pictures of my Chickens. The birds pictured here are all Old English Game Chickens and Cockerels, which are the base breed for my new Scavenging Chickens. The Old English Game bird is hardy, robust, a good scavenger, and agile. The hen is also a decent broody, able to raise her own chicks. Particularly important for a low tech system. By adding some genes from other breeds or hybrids that lay well, and some for notoriously broody species, I hope to develop a type of chicken that does it all, but perhaps lays a few less eggs.

Please note that the thumbnail images may ‘crop’ some of the detail out of the picture, but you can see the whole picture by clicking on any of the individual images. Once you have a full sized picture, you can scroll through the whole page of images by clicking on arrows on the left and right side of the picture.

Chicken Scavenging Design

There is a page all about my Chicken Scavenging design. It uses trees and hardy bamboo to create an environment that will produce insects for the chickens to eat, saving me money. There are also a series of posts about chickens in the blog pages. The easiest way to find them is to look for the relevant category or tag.

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