Permaculture Diploma Portfolio almost Complete

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m currently putting together my portfolio for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. You will also notice that I have been posting less. That’s not because I haven’t got stuff to write about, but more a result of the volume of work that I’ve been putting in for the diploma.

I thought that I’d give you a quick summary of the designs that I’ve written up. There are nine so far, with one more still to write.

The designs are split into groups of similar types.

The first group are processes/plans.

My first design is called Designing a Successful Diploma Graduation. It is my analysis of the diploma accreditation criteria, and designed a way through that.

My second design is Designing my own Design Process. This design analyses how I have designed my projects, and strips it down, and assembles it using permaculture terminology. I find it a better process than SADIM, and OBREDIM, the two main permaculture design processes.

My third design is Designing my own Design Method. This looks at the ‘D’ in the Design process, and creates a more practical way to design, and one that reflects my own way of doing it.

The second group are Proper land based designs from my project.

The first of these is the Wolds Woodland Farming Project. This is the overall design for the project/smallholding. It includes the analysis of the site, and lots of aerial photographs and illustrations.

The second design in this group is My Coppice and Orchard. It describes the design for this element of the overall design.

The third design in this group is My Forest Garden. The design includes an updated plan of the Forest Garden.

The third pair of designs are experimental/research projects. These are still land based, but are less concerned with the layout, and more with the research value of the work.

The first of these is my Chicken Scavenging System. This is not a conventional Chicken Forage system, but the creation of a small ecosystem, in the style of a Forest Garden, designed to feed chickens by creating a deep leaf litter for them to forage in.

The second research project is my Vegetable/Grain
 Production System. This is my experimental food production system. A lot more detail than the blog posts so far.

There is only one design in the fourth section. My Permaculture Pots design is a teaching resource, aimed at showing how it is possible to create an effective permaculture design in a tiny space.

The tenth design is not yet written. My Designing the Designer design is aimed to look at where I am now in permaculture terms, and what I want to do next.

If you haven’t already looked at them, please take a look. There is stacks of useful information in there, and a lot of time and effort.



4 thoughts on “Permaculture Diploma Portfolio almost Complete

  1. Rachel Woodisse

    Gosh Deano, not long now and you will be all done and accredited! Well done so far, see you in Wales.

  2. Rick Koobs

    Hi Deano, Rick here… from the diploma group on Facebook and just this week back from my induction into the whole shebang. I’m fixing to look over these links now… see what I can learn.

    Good job, btw, having come so far. Well done.


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