Permaculture Teachers

With little chance of planting trees, I’ve started doing some chores, and a bit of research. I found this clip on the Permaculture Research Institute Blog. It has Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton chatting during a Permaculture convergence. It’s worth a watch, and Bill Mollison is really funny. The link below takes you to the article, and the clip can be accessed from there.


One of the things that came across strongly for me was the discussion of the number of teachers that they were aiming to produce, as a measure of their success. I wonder what the ratio is here in the UK. I get the impression that there are more students wanting to teach here, but I have no figures to base that on. Just a feeling.

The other thing that resonated with me was Geoff’s comment about ‘Rampancy’, and regretting not putting enough in after seeing a Forest Garden that Bill had planted. I’m cramming a lot of trees into a relatively small space, so appreciated his insight.

I hope that you enjoy the clip, and will get some Forest Garden pictures posted, as soon as the planting for this year is complete.

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