Polyculture Pictures. late October 2011

These Polyculture Pictures have been waiting for a week to publish, but I haven’t had time.

chicory seedlings

chicory seedlings

The picture above shows the chicory seedlings that were sown recently. The warm soil has allowed them to germinate, fairly easily. They are in a mixed Polyculture of Beans and Echinacea, with the beans as the primary crop.

The picture below shows one of the Bonfils beds. A mixed polyculture of cereal rye, beans, wild white clover, and chicory. The rye is the second batch that were sown, as the first batch went straight to seed production, before a period of winter cold. In the foreground are some strawberry plants that I couldn’t bring myself to move. I’m going to see how well they cope with conditions within the polyculture, to see if they can be added to increase the yield.

Rye, Broad Bean, White Clover, and Chicory polyculture

Rye, Broad Bean, White Clover, and Chicory polyculture

The picture below is a half bed of the Spelt polyculture. The spelt has performed well, didn’t try to go to seed, and has produced masses of tillers. I used too much chicory seed, and I’m concerned that the crowding will increase humidity, and encourage stem rotting. The cover that they provide has given me a small vole problem, and they have nibbled a few of the spelt plants. I need to find time to thin a little, and to infill the broad beans that the mice ate. The spelt plants in the foreground show how well advanced the plants are, which enables them to ustilise more sunlight, and produce more growth, than densely planted, spindly seedlings.

Spelt Polyculture

Spelt Polyculture

The beds with the crimson, and persian clover, are too full. So I will keep that seed for filling in any empty beds next year, and concentrate on the whiter clover for the polyculture. I will be expanding this space over the winter, and increasing the beds devoted to the experiment. I am currently growing some perennial rye, and am waiting for some perennial wheat, and will incorporate them into the system, but concentrating on increasing my stock of the seed, as opposed to pushing the boundaries of the experiment.

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  1. annisveggies

    I look forward to seeing how these experiments progress! I too have plants, like your strawberries, that don’t fit in with the plan, but when it comes to it, I can’t move.

    Best wishes



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