Positive Images – Part One

It would be easy to become disillusioned about our future, when there is so much bad news about, so I wanted to put together some links to positive video from around the world, and then sort of link them together. Most of them show what happens when you combine Permaculture, or Agroforestry, with people who need help. When I realised that watching all of the clips would take hours, I thought that I would split the article into three parts, and give you a chance to watch them all in your own time.

The first clip is a remarkable piece about the creation of a reserve for Orang Utangs. Not quite what you might expect here, but really inspirational, and it shows what can be done, in a relatively short space of time.

Whilst there is no mention of Permaculture in the clip, it’s there running through it all. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares, stacking, succession, diversity, the reliance on perennial crops. It may not be mentioned, it’s right there at the heart of what they have done.

I make no apologies for putting this link in again. it’s the Update to Greening the Desert, with Geoff and Nadia Lawton. It shows how Permaculture can help solve the sort of problems, that we have created for ourselves.

The link to Part One of Four is below, and I hope that you watch them all.

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Alternatively, you can watch the whole sequence, by following the link from the PRI Australia site, which is


Have fun watching the clips, and look out for part two of the article, which will include clips of rehabilitation work in China, and part Three, which will show some of the other work going on, and talk about the things that are common to all of them, and what we might do ourselves.


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