Positive Images – Part Three

In the final part of this series of posts, I am going to include a clip of the work being done by a charity, and then explore why this type of work is being done in poorer parts of the world, but ignored in the developed world.

The clip is from an organisation called trees for the future. I have no experience of the charity, but found this rating of their work.


The clip can be found here

Like the other clips, this shows some of the amazing things that can be done to improve people’s lives, and the environment, simply by returning degraded land to forest. It can be done cheaply, and effectively, but this work needs to be done in the developed world too. The difference is that in contrast to the poor, most people in the developed world don’t realise it yet. For the poor, and possibly desperate, a life with adequate food, water and shelter is an improvement on their current circumstances, whereas here, living that way would be seen as a retrograde step. When I saw the wedding sequence in the Loess plateau clips, and the simple houses, I felt that I would be quite content to live like that, but I’m probably in a very small minority. I don’t know of many people who would choose that way of life over the comfortable lives that they have, and I guess that in order to appreciate it, they would need their current lives to become very uncomfortable.

As no Western democratic government would ever be elected on a programme of mass frugality, I guess that we’ll just have to wait until Peak Oil makes a simplification of life a prerequisite for survival. In the meantime, perhaps we can make a start by experimenting with Permaculture, Forest Gardening, andsimply planting more trees, so that there are solutions available, when people start to see the problem.


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