Scythe Association (Britain and Ireland), now with a WordPress Blog

Earlier this year, a small gathering of some of men and women interetsed in scything, decided to set up an Association. The new Scythe Association (Britain and Ireland), or SABI for short, had a further meeting at the West Country Scything festival, in June, and have now set up a website/blog.

Scything Association (Britain and Ireland) Blog


The aims of the Association include promoting the use of the scythe, and improving mowing skills. A full list can be seen on their about us scythe association page.

There is also a courses page, which looks like it will be expanded shortly Scything Courses.

Personally, I wasn’t sure if we needed a Scything Association, but there seems to be plenty of enthusiasm, and good intent, and so I’m going to help promote SABI.

All of the best




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