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Honey Bees For Sale In Lincolnshire 2012

All of my bee colonies have overwintered successfully, so once again I will be selling my surplus honey bee colonies this year.

The colonies are naturally occurring swarms from my own colonies, that I will have housed on clean foundation, fed, and brought on until they are ready to be sold.

The advantages of this system are that you get the hygiene, vigour, and correct composition of a natural swarm, but with the advantage of traceability. Knowing where they have come from, and their disease status. Something that is missing with a swarm from an unknown colony.

I think that this is a good way of producing bee colonies. It’s much more natural, less intrusive, and works well for me.

To find out more about my bees, and how I manage them, take a look around the blog, and judge for yourself.

If you are interested in buying honey bees this year, give me a ring on 01507 588543.

Wishing you well


My Earliest Flowering Willow

Two years ago I was sent some willow cuttings from the research centre at Rothampstead, who keep the National willow collection. The cuttings were for me to use to see which were the earliest flowering willows. My interest is early bee forage. I have  a lot of violet willow (Salix daphnoides), which is my earliest flowering willow and every year I’m relieved when I see my bees foraging on it, as I know that their lean period is over. From then on, there is a steady flow of nectar until early Summer, and only the weather.

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Late Autumn, and Still Feeding Bees

The mild weather has allowed my bees to get out and forage, which is useful, as they are light on food. The colonies did not build up well, due to the lack of forage during the Summer, and I was late to start feeding. Having removed the feeders last week, with not enough food being taken down, I had hoped that the bees would bring some Ivy nectar, but that has not been the case. The future for my late season forage is shown below.

Chinese Mint Bush

Chinese Mint Bush

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2011 Reading List (So far), Research, and Possibilities.

I tend to do most of my reading and research over the Winter, once the day length shortens enough that I don’t feel too tired to study after a day working outside.  The pattern has changed this year, and I’ve recently had the chance to get a batch of reading underway.

Reason for my Research

My own feeling is that if we want to replace our current system of food production, heavily reliant on fossil fuel, but want to avoid the sheer hard work of subsistence agriculture, then we have to use our imagination, and our intelligence. Now the military version of intelligence is ‘information that has been processed’, and so with that in mind, our ‘intelligence’ depends on an input of information, and a reasoning/evaluation phase, in order to come up with something that is useable. Much of what I read online, falls into two categories. The ‘I’ve just found out about XXXXXXX and here are some links to other sites that tell you all about it’ category is very common, and I tend not to read any further. The second ‘popular’ category is the ‘ this is what I’ve done today/this week/since my last post’ type. Most of what you find falls into one of these categories, including quite a bit of what I write.  Of more interest are the sites that point out the unusual stuff. Not weird and wonderful, but new ways of doing things. I usually read these, even if they don’t relate to what I’m doing now, because there is normally something that I can use, or at least consider using. The most valuable sites are those where the writer is either doing something completely new, or unusual, or is writing about direct observations (information) and interpreting that into something useful (creating intelligence).

One thing that many of these sites do, is to review/list useful books, and many of the books that I’ve read recently have come from a recommendation online, or have been listed on a useful website, or blog. Having checked my account with a major online retailer, I was shocked to see that in 2011, I had bought 47 books for myself, and had read almost all of them. I didn’t calculate how much I’d spent, nor did I check back to see what I’d bought September to December 2010. That figure does not include library books, nor books from second hand bookshops, nor online reading.

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Wasps under Control, and Bees Foraging

It’s been a while since my last post about bees, and wasps, but that’s because things have been going well. My last post on the subject, Wasps, Bees, and doing nothing, told about the problems that I was having. That particular hive was not coping well, and so I opened it up, to find a tiny number of bees, with a queen, but no brood, and only on frame that had been filled with comb.  Again, it was a hive that had somehow failed to build up that was struggling.

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