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Building A DIY Warming Cabinet.

I’ve felt the need for a warming cabinet a few times in the last year or so. A late batch of cider failed to get started in the cold weather, and a warming cabinet, or warming pad, would have stopped the cider from ‘hanging’ and eventually being spoilt. Last Autumn I wanted to experiment with making biofertilisers, but many of them need some warmth to ferment properly. Again, a warming cabinet would have allowed me to experiment with the biofertilser. Finally, I have just bought some mushroom spawn, to grow edible mushrooms. They too need some warmth, so I finally got a grip of myself, and made one.

A quick disclaimer here. I didn’t bother looking to see how other people have made their own warming cabinets, I just knocked this one up. Please don’t copy this unless you can’t find anything better.

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