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Chicken Scavenging System: Update Jan 2013


Scavenging Chicken

Old English Game Cockerel

My Chicken Scavenging System is designed to feed my Chickens using insects living on the floor of a type of Forest Garden, to reduce the amount of wheat and other grains that I need to feed to them. I described thisĀ  Permaculture system of my own design, in my Chicken Scavenging System Design that was written up as one of the ten portfolio designs for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. The Scavenging System is designed to build up a deep litter of leaves and rotting wood, which is an ideal environment for insects, on which the chickens can feed.The problem is that this will take years to develop, so I am using another Permaculture technique called ‘Chop and Drop‘ to speed the process up.

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DVD Review – Establishing a Food Forest

I recently bought a copy of the Geoff Lawton DVD, Establishing a Food Forest, from the Permaculture Research Institute, in Australia. I had seen the DVD before, including watching a copy on the web, which was probably there illegally. Even so, I wanted my own copy, and sent off for it.

You can watch short segments of the DVD on YouTube, and they are a good taster for what the film is about.

There are plenty of other reviews out in cyberspace, including one on the Transition Culture Blog, which you can find here.


I wanted to do my own.

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