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Vegetable Growing Update and Polyculture Details

With so many of my recent posts concentrating on bees and swarming, I thought that it was time to get the camera out, and show you what I’m up to in the vegetable growing areas, and show you the first pictures of my new, experimental, polyculture, or guild, which is a hybrid of Bon Fils grain growing, and the three sisters planting guild, but with a couple of additional twists.

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Soaking Seeds, Seed Sowing, and Propagation

Just three weeks ago, it seemed like there was plenty of time before things became busy in the garden, but this week I realised that not only did I need to get some more seeds sown, but also that the busy time was just around the corner. So I’ve been sowing more seeds, soaking some seeds, and germinating them on kitchen towel, and dividing perennial plants, and moving them. Hopefully this post will give you some ideas of what you could be planting now, and if you can think of something that I’ve forgotten, please comment, and let me know.

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Another busy day growing plants

Today was another successful day, with all of the jobs that I set myself, completed. Admittedly, I try not to overextend myself too much, but even so, I’m pleased with what I achieved. Two more beds re-orientated North  to South, and Comfrey root cuttings taken, to propagate more Comfrey for creating Guilds next Winter More details, and some photographs follow.

I also have some pictures of my bamboo showing signs of growth, and some new pictures of the Sweetcorn seedlings, and tree seeds, from recent posts

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My Favourite Smallholding Tools

It seems to be the right time to write an article about the tools that I use most often, here at the Sustainable Smallholding. I get the feeling that I’m being prompted somewhat, as there have been a number of small events related to tools, that have occurred recently. First of all, after writing a review about my Copper Spade, I had a very nice call from Jane at Implementations thanking me for the review, and asking for permission to link to the review from their site. Sadly, she studiously ignored my unsubtle hint that I would be happy to review more tools, if they sent them. You can’t win them all. Next I got a little worked up by a tool article in Country Smallholding, which was overwhelmingly focussed on power tools and machinery. I also found two decent video clips whilst researching/searching for a tool to harvest bamboo, which I thought that you might find interesting, Lastly, I got a call from a friend who said that he was suffering from ‘Tool Envy’, after reading about my spade. So this one is for you Mark.

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