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LAND Project Demonstration Site

It’s official.

I can announce that we are now an official demonstration site for the Permaculture Association (UK), LAND Project.

You can read about the LAND Demonstration Project on the Pe.rmaculture Association website.

Our page is titled the Wolds Woodland Farming Project, which you can read by following the link text at the beginning of this sentence.

What this means is that we will now give tours for groups/individuals, with prior arrangement, so if you want to come for a walk around, follow the link to the page on the Permaculture Association site, get our contact details, and come for a tour.

Hope to see you soon.



The Sustainable Smallholding – An Aspiration

Hi All

My Blog title, The Sustainable Smallholding, is an aspiration, as opposed to a description of where we are at the moment. The reasons for that are many, and complex, but one of the key ones is the sheer amount of knowledge that you need to acquire, and solutions that you have to find, to achieve sustainability, self reliance, or self sufficiency. It seems that each time that you peel back a layer of a problem, another sits nestled within. In this post I will explore some of the areas that I have identified as important in my search for sustainability.

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Smallholding Ups and Downs

Today was a pretty good day, and seemed significant. The bees were all active, I broke the back of this season’s tree planting, I saw the first signs of willow catkins starting to break, and I put the first seeds of 2011 into the propagator. However, it seems that every silver lining has a cloud, and there were some aspects of the day that were a bit worrying.

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Book Review – Gaia’s Garden, by Toby Hemenway

This is the first book that I have bought primarily to review, which was quite a strange experience in some ways, as I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to benefit from the contents.

We have recently formed a Permaculture group here in Horncastle, and so far, I am the only one with a full design certificate. As I was already a gardener, and Smallholder, before becoming interested (some might say obsessed) in Permaculture, all of my focus, and my library, has been targeted towards land based Permaculture, as opposed to smaller scale, or urban design. With the formation of the group, I wanted to find a book which would be a good introduction to Permaculture for those with less space. I also wanted to expand my own understanding of some of the problems, and solutions, faced by people in towns and cities. I came a cross the book by accident (Serendipity?), whilst doing some research into Guild design, and decided to purchase the book.

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