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Polyculture Progress

Most of the progress in my new polyculture has been in my thinking, rather than in the ground, but I wanted to record some of my early thoughts, so that I can look back at how it all developed. The rye has continued to develop ears. Rather than cut them off, I’m going to see if they have enough time to produce some viable seed. To hedge my bets, I’ve germinated another batch. This is a later sowing than the standard Bon Fils method, which is sown at Summer Solstice, but may be more appropriate to Rye. I thought that the early development of ears was due to hot dry conditions, but it may simply be that Rye has a shorter growing season than Wheat/spelt, and therefore was acting like a very late Spring sowing, rather than a very early Autumn sowing. I hope to learn more as I go along. The seed has germinated exceptionally well, 100% in fact, which has meant that I have a few more seedlings than I wanted, (Nick take Note), but can find space for them anyway.

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Polyculture Experiment Update Early August 2011

Mixed news so far, and a few pictures of my polyculture experiments to post, for those of you following my experiments for this year.

The good news is that most of the plants are doing well. The corn is about to flower, as is the persian clover, the bladder senna is growing well, and so is the spelt. Some of the rye has been browsed by small rabbits/voles, but not enough to be serious. The main problem is that the rye seems to be etermined to produce grain this year, and not wait until next Summer.

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Experimental Polyculture (non) Update

It was my intentention to write about my progress with my experimental polyculture, having planted out the rye, and spelt. Sadly, we have a rabbit/rabbits in the vegetable growing space, and they seem happiest eating the clover groundcover. So I’m having to wait until I can get them out.

The seedlings are now more than a foot tall, and strong enough to go out, but are at the ideal height for rabbit browsing.

I have created the two Stropharia beds though, and have posted the pictures.

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Polyculture Update 26 June 2011

The plants in the Polyculture experiment are starting to grow, with the clover beginning to cover the bed. I wanted to post some pictures, mainly to record the progress of the experiment. These pictures were taken two days ago.

Bon Fils/Three Sisters Hybrid

The first picture is of one of the test beds.

polyculture picture

Polyculture bed 1

You can see that much of the ground has been covered by the clover, but there is some space at the front of this picture. I may need to sow some more. The next picture is of the second test bed.

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