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The Sustainable Smallholding – An Aspiration

Hi All

My Blog title, The Sustainable Smallholding, is an aspiration, as opposed to a description of where we are at the moment. The reasons for that are many, and complex, but one of the key ones is the sheer amount of knowledge that you need to acquire, and solutions that you have to find, to achieve sustainability, self reliance, or self sufficiency. It seems that each time that you peel back a layer of a problem, another sits nestled within. In this post I will explore some of the areas that I have identified as important in my search for sustainability.

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Compost Strategies-Part Two-What bugs do your Plants prefer

Different types of plants have distinct preferences for the types of microbes with which they associate, and your composting strategies will help to determine whether your plants do badly, do well, or thrive. Knowing what type of organic material to add, and how to add it, will make your growing more efficient.

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Compost Strategies – Part one -Know your allies

The Organic Gardening mantra has always been to “Feed the Soil, and the Soil will feed the Plants”, but this oversimplifies the complex web of life that nourishes our plants, and through them, us. A little more knowledge about the microbes in the soil, what they do, what they need, and how that benefits plants, can allow you to fine tune your application of compost, or other organic material, to achieve better results. In this post, I hope to tell you more about the fascinating world of microbes.

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Away for the Weekend

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be away for the weekend, and so will not be posting until early next week.

This is an annual reunion with some former Army buddies of mine.

I’m taking the bus, which will give me plenty of time to put together some notes for future articles, and perhaps a book review or two.

I’m planning a couple of posts about my compost strategies, including vermicomposting, Actively Aerated Compost Tea, leaf mould, biochar, etc. and also explaining a bit about soil microbes. Their functions, and ways to use that knowledge to improve plant health and vitality. So this should give me time and space to organise my thoughts.

have a good weekend yourselves