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February Bee Forage Plants part Two

I was feeling quite pleased with myself after finishing my last post on February Bee Forage Plants. I had produced a post that was likely to interest beekeepers, and managed to slip a few Permaculture Principles into it too. However, whilst walking the dogs yesterday, the haze of smugness that was surrounding me parted, and I realised that I had missed out some good February BeeĀ  forage plants. Now I never claimed that the post was definitive, but I wanted to include the additional information, so rather than just update the original article, I though that I would write a second post.

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February Bee Forage Plants

On Tuesday and Wednesday my bees were out forageing, which was great to see, so I thought that it might be nice to summarise what bee forage plants they’re making use of at the moment. I also though that I’d add a few growing tips, and add some thoughts about how the plants fit into a permaculture design, or planting scheme.

Bee on Winter Honeysuckle

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Smallholding Ups and Downs

Today was a pretty good day, and seemed significant. The bees were all active, I broke the back of this season’s tree planting, I saw the first signs of willow catkins starting to break, and I put the first seeds of 2011 into the propagator. However, it seems that every silver lining has a cloud, and there were some aspects of the day that were a bit worrying.

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2010/2011 Tree Planting. Update One

Well Over the last nine days I’ve done six days of tree planting, two days of scything to prepare for tree planting, and a day of work in the primary vegetable patch.

I’m going to do a post about what I do to get my beds ready for Winter, but that will have to wait for another day. Today is just a quick update of how things are progressing so far with my trees.

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“2010/2011 Tree Planting about to Begin in Earnest

Today was an exciting day here at The SustainableĀ  Smallholding, as I collected the majority of the trees for this year’s tree planting. Most of them are destined for the Forest Garden, to create the shelter and framework for it. There is a plan of the overall scheme on the Pictures, Designs, and Plans page.

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