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Wolds Woodland Farming Project Open Day

The Wolds Woodland Farming project is the ‘official’ or business name of The Sustainable Smallholding, and the name that is used for the Permaculture Association LAND Project. The association asked for as many Land Projects as possible to open for International Permaculture Day, which is Sunday 4th May. So the Wolds Woodland Farming Project will be having an open day, completely FREE of charge.

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Permaculture Design now Written up

It’s been over a month since my last post, and some of you may have thought that I had forgotten about my blog. Far from it. I am registered for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, and I have to submit a permaculture design for each of the ten designs that I will be submitting for assessment. I have been doing this here on the blog, but the pages are currently hidden, until all of the projects are written up. After that, I will change the layout of the blog and all of the designs will be visible.

Design of a Permaculture Smallholding

Wolds Woodland Farming Project April 2012

Just to show you that I have been busy, the link below will take you to the first draft of the overall permaculture design for this project. There’s a lot there.


Wolds Woodland Farming Project

The design took some time to write up, but I’m really happy with how it looks. It is going to be a great example of permaculture design on a larger scale than commonly seen in other permaculture diploma portfolios.

Please feel free to add any comments that you have