Wolds Woodland Farming Project Open Day

The Wolds Woodland Farming project is the ‘official’ or business name of The Sustainable Smallholding, and the name that is used for the Permaculture Association LAND Project. The association asked for as many Land Projects as possible to open for International Permaculture Day, which is Sunday 4th May. So the Wolds Woodland Farming Project will be having an open day, completely FREE of charge.

Wolds Woodland Farming Project Open Day

The open day will be a free guided tour of the smallholding. The day will start at 11 am, with refreshements, and then we will take a look at the smallholding, discuss the design, layout, and implementation, and look more deeply at some of the research projects that I have underway. This is likly to be the last free tour that I will be giving, unless already agreed. In future there will be a charge for my time, and the cash will help with ongoing maintenance and repairs.


I already have more than a dozen participants, but if you’d like to join us, contact me on deanom 59 at hot mail dot co dot uk. Or use the comment ssection below.

2 thoughts on “Wolds Woodland Farming Project Open Day

  1. Karen Grassick

    Hi please can i book 2 spaces for myself and my husband. We bought 6 acreas last year half of which is young woodland. I am attempting to create a forest garden in part of it and we have goats and chickens already. Would love to learn more and view your projects for inspiration

    Thanks Karen and Doz Grassick.


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